Ti-Pure™ Products for Inks

The Brightness, Whiteness and Opacity of Chloride Grade with Low Abrasion

Pigments produced via the chloride process can have an abrasion level that is too high for printing ink formulations, because they can cause excessive wear on printing equipment. Meanwhile, sulfate grades have a low abrasion level but lack the brightness and consistency of a chloride produced pigment.

Chemours has developed a low abrasion, chloride grade of titanium dioxide that delivers all the benefits of chloride processing, such as:

  • Improved brightness
  • Whiteness
  • Better consistency than sulfate processing
  • and more

Ti-Pure™ TS-4657

This versatile, rutile titanium dioxide (TiO₂) pigment provides excellent opacity and color retention for printing, packaging, and inks. Within these applications, it maximizes cost-savings and ink performance. Learn more.

Product  Applications
 Ti-Pure™ TS-4657
  • Flexographic, digital, gravure priniting
  • Labels and packaging
  • Water and solvent based inks

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