Our Sustainability Vision

We Aspire To Be The Most Sustainable TiO₂ Enterprise In The World

True leadership requires ambitious thinking and bold action. That’s why we’re setting our sights on, not only being top quartile, but being the most sustainable TiO₂ enterprise in the world. To realize this aspiration, we’ve set clear sustainability goals that advance our Chemours Corporate Responsibility Commitments, guide our business strategy, and move our customers, employees, and planet forward. 

Our Goals

We will advance sustainability within our gates and communities, with our customers, and across industries, because doing what’s right for people and planet IS good business:

Within Our Gates & Communities

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We’re committed to responsible manufacturing and continually searching for ways to increase uptime, capacity, and community support, while reducing our environmental impact. We’re striving to reduce site energy intensity by at least 20% (vs. 2018 baseline), implement waste reduction technologies across all sites, and invest a minimum of $5 million in our communities by 2030.

With Our Customers

light blue circle with white outlined icon of three peopleWe strive to be our customers’ thought partner and innovation resource, helping optimize their processes and collaborating on their next great offering to minimize impact on our shared planet. That means 100% of new offerings will include a sustainability value proposition, specifically efficiency, durability, and/or safety.

Across Industries

light blue circle with while outlined icon of globeAs an industry leader, we have a responsibility to not only lead TiO₂ innovation, but to lend our expertise to solve societal challenges beyond our base offering. To do so, we’ll drive collaboration and innovation –in TiO₂ and beyond–to advance societal megatrends and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.